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"Creating high quality software is hard. As a CTO for over 10 years, I experienced this first hand. Since taking responsibility for leading development teams, I've become fascinated with the question of maintaining software quality as the product matures. I have studied every tool and approach, but nothing met my standards in terms of ease of use and economical viability.

Bugzoo is designed to change that."

Frederik Fix - Founder & CEO
what bugzoo does
Fewer Bugs

Our comparison based approach uncovers the bugs that the team didn't expect. After all, what bugs did your team ever expect?

Avoid Manual Work

Save time by not doing the same manual tests over and over. Instead, do them once and turn them into repeatable scripts.

Better Communications

Automatic creation of screenshots with highlights of the differences between versions makes it easy to keep any stakeholder updated.

QA for Free

When budgets get tight, QA is usually the first thing to go. Bugzoo is designed to fit into existing workflows, so you can have QA for free.

record your tests

Bugzoo provides a plugin for your browser to record the interaction with your application.

Automatic Test Data

By analysing the traffic between your application and the database, Bugzoo automatically creates the data required to execute reproducable tests.

visual output

The output of every run is stored in the form of screenshots. If anything changes from version to version you are notified immediately.

Coding Required
Most test automation solutions require coding skills.
Maintenance required
When your application changes you have to manually update your test scripts.
Binary Output
By their very nature test scripts only give you a yes or no answer to whether your software is good to ship.
Test Data Problem
Creating reliable test scripts require setting up the application in the correct state. This requires expert technical knowledge.
Learns your application
Bugzoo takes a recording approach which opens it up to anyone on the team.
Effortless Evolution
With the comparison interface, adapting to changes in the application only takes one click.
Visual Output
We believe that much richer output is needed for communicating with all stakeholders. That is why we provide you with screenshot comparisons.
Automatic Test Data
Using our sandbox technology we automatically create the test data required to implement a repeatable test run.
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